Perrier Lounge Press Release
For Immediate Release
September 28th, 2006

Perrier Lounge introduces the
Rusty Staub
SM Pending

The Perrier Lounge of New Orleans is proud to introduce the Rusty Staub - SM Pending - as a symbol of the strong bond between New York City and New Orleans, recently seen in New York City's support for New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The Perrier Lounge can think of no one better to symbolize this bond of hard-working Americans than "Le Grande L'Orange" himself, Rusty Staub. Born in New Orleans on April 1st, 1944, Rusty Staub went on to become one of the most beloved New York Mets of all-time. "Le Grande L'Orange" even symbolizes the Mets proud color mix of Brooklyn Dodger Blue and New York Giants Orange. After retiring from baseball, Rusty further strengthened the New Orleans / New York City connection by opening a world-class restaurant in New York City, in an effort to introduce New Yorkers to the cuisine of New Orleans. A great humanitarian, he established the "Rusty Staub Foundation" for charitable works, and in 1986 founded the "New York Police and Fire Widows' and Children's Benefit Fund." During its existence, the Fund has raised and distributed millions for families of policemen and firefighters killed in the line of duty. Since September 11, 2001, Staub's organization played a vital role in helping many families affected by the tragedy. Rusty Staub was inducted into the New York Mets Hall of Fame in 1986.

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"One of the classiest guys to wear a Mets uniform. Businesslike pinch-hitter. I always had this image of Rusty opening an attache case in the dugout, screwing his bat together like a pool cue, stepping up to the plate, getting his base hit, and then unscrewing his bat and putting it away. I wish he were more visible in the organization today. Always a fan favorite and a man's man." -- Luka (fan comment from ultimate mets database site)

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