Voodoo Picks- Day Two


Mas Mamones (Preservation Hall Stage at 1:15 PM) was a driving force in integrating Latin music into the sounds of Frenchmen Street in the late 1990s. They have reunited and this performance should be special for several reasons. The late Hart McNee was part of the original version of the band and his spirit will certainly be hovering over the proceedings. Singer Manny Lander recently returned to New Orleans and his voice has never sounded better. Michael Skinkus plays percussion- need I say more?

Irvin Mayfield (WWOZ Stage at 3:30 PM) had to cancel his appearance at last year’s Voodoo Music Experience because the stage crew failed to provide a piano, an instrument that is critical to the trumpeter’s modern jazz sound. I expect the band to pull on all the stops on this rare festival date in New Orleans. Mayfield, who wears many hats in New Orleans, always surrounds himself with the best musicians available. This is gonna be a great set.

KISS (Voodoo Stage at 9 PM) is celebrating the release of their first studio album in 11 years. But I could care less about that. The reason to see this band is because they are KISS. They put on a show! I had a copy of Destroyer in my formative years and until I discovered the Rolling Stones they were the hard rock act. A recent appearance on David Letterman confirmed the fact that they still remain a cultural phenomenon that only America could produce.

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