New Orleans Jazz Orchestra Jam Session Tonight


With trumpeter and musical entrepreneur Irvin Mayfield’s name in the news again, perhaps it’s time to make a visit to the Royal Sonesta Hotel for the NOJO jam session. Mayfield has been linked with the developer Stewart Juneau and his plans to convert the shuttered-since- Katrina Municipal Auditorium into a multi-use entertainment complex. Today’s Times-Picayune reports that the new Inspector General’s office is looking into the seemly cozy deal that the developer and the musician have arranged with the Nagin administration.

Luckily, Mayfield still plays music. The lineup for this evening’s performance is a good one. Pianist David Torkanowsky will be appearing with a newcomer on the scene, the trombonist Michael Watson. The rhythm section spans generations with Peter Harris handling the bass duties and the legendary, but severely undersung, drummer “Gentleman” June Gardner. Mayfield will perform as well as several other invited guests. The jam session occurs every Wednesday at Irvin Mayfield’s Jazz Playhouse in the Royal Sonesta Hotel located at 300 Bourbon Street. There is no cover charge.

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