Loren Pickford Returns to NOLA For Gig at Dos Jefes Tonight


For a long stretch, the saxophonist Loren Pickford lived in New Orleans. He tended to play with much younger musicians including a great run with the New World Funk Ensemble back in the 1990s. Though I never really spoke with him much, he always struck me as a be-bopper with serious Bohemian credibility. Just check out his composition, “20th Century Fox” and you’ll get the idea.

Tonight, November 12, 2009, he returns to New Orleans for a gig at Dos Jefes. Supporting musicians include Todd Duke, one of the founders of the New World Funk Ensemble who now provides musical support for John Boutte and numerous other local players. Peter Harris, another musician who was undoubtedly mentored by Pickford, will be playing bass.

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