Brian Coogan Band to Headline D.B.A. Tonight


This evening, November 13, 2009, keyboardist Brian Coogan will take the stage on Frenchmen Street with his band that includes alto saxophonist Aurora Nealand, trumpeter Jamelle Williams, tenor saxophonist Allen Dejan, guitarist Danny Abel and drummer Eddie Christmas. I have only seen this band once, but they were on fire. Coogan, who is mostly known around town as a sideman, sets his organ up front and center and he also sings in the band. The horn section is incredible with strong soloing as well as ensemble work. Danny Abel is an up and coming player who adds great textures to the grooves that are laid down by Christmas. For fans of organ players, Coogan can’t be beat. He provides all the bass lines and you will be hard pressed to avoid playing air bass despite the fact that there is no bassist on stage.

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