Tribe Nunzio Reunion Tonight!


One of the most exciting bands to emerge from New Orleans in the early 1990s as punk faded and funk began making huge in-roads in the city is reuniting at Chickie Wah Wah. The Tribe, as they were affectionately known by their fans, was fronted by the vivacious singer, Holden Miller and featured stalwarts of the local scene, Jeff Treffinger on guitar (now with the Geraniums), Vernon Rome on bass and Damon Shea on bass. The band was frequently augmented by guest musicians including percussionists and saxophonists. Also a frequent band mate was Tom Marron on fiddle and harp who will be in the house for this gig. New additions for this show are Rene Coman of the Iguanas with possible guest apearances by other lizards! Tribe Nunzio formed in the late 1980s from the dregs of several other outfits and quickly took the city by storm with their outrageous stage presence, killer songs and off-kilter sensibilities. By 1994, they were history.  There have been several reunion shows since although the last was about 7 years ago! Opening for the gig will be some of Holden’s African buds from Chatanooga – The Ogya Band.  Doors open at 7, show about 9, kitchen open, parking in rear, no smoking, outdoor heaters and fire pits!

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