Fifth Annual Queens’ Ball Tonight at the Maple Leaf


This evening, Johnny Sketch and the Dirty Notes will be the musical entertainment at the Maple Leaf, but they won’t be the only entertaining thing about the evening – some serious royalty, meaning the alternative Carnival krewes MOMs, Dreux, Kosmic Debris, O.A.K, and 2.2, will be out in force with costumes on! Here’s the word straight from the Queen Mutha- “There will be a Queens contest after the first set with great prizes for the winners including treats from the Maple Leaf, Jacque-I-mo’s, Squeal BBQ, and Zotz. Plus win two invitations to a carnival ball and eat Queen cake. So ladies, bring out your tiaras, fake fur, scepters and ball gowns. Come on guys let me see that fuzzy chest, beard and hairy legs in that little black dress. Do you have the balls to be a Queen? You can win if you do.”

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