Luther Dickinson and Terence Higgins Round Out Trio Tonight at the Maple Leaf

Terence HigginsTerence Higgins

The ever-expansive lineup at the Maple Leaf on Thursday nights grows again with the return of guitarist Luther Dickinson (North Mississippi Allstars, the Black Crowes) and the drummer Terence Higgins (Dirty Dozen Brass Band). They join trio mainstay bassist George Porter, Jr.. Dickinson performed with the other mainstay of the trio, the drummer Johnny Vidacovich, just last week. Vidacovich is unavailable because he is in New York City performing with Joe Sample. If you’re keeping track, Porter, Jr. didn’t play last week because he was on the jam cruise to the Caribbean. James Singleton, Vidacovich’s longtime partner in Astral Project, played bass last week. It’s all one-big-happy at the Maple Leaf.

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