Rare Solo Jerry Joseph Performance at the Blue Nile

This evening, January 23, 2010, singer/songwriter Jerry Joseph will play acoustically upstairs at the Blue Nile on Frenchmen Street.  Joseph got his start in music in the 1980s when he led the reggae/rock band Little Women, based out of Boulder, Colorado, which ruled the Rocky Mountain club circuit for most of the decade and broke up in 1993.

He currently has two other projects, the power rock band, Jerry Joseph & the Jackmormons and the Stockholm Syndrome, a band he fronts with Dave Schools (Widespread Panic), Eric McFadden, Wally Ingram and Danny Dzuik.

Joseph has been appearing more regularly in New Orleans do to the efforts of some hardcore fans.  The appearance this evening will be his last solo acoustic show in New Orleans before embarking on a higher profile tour with the Stockholm Syndrome.

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