Dr. John Endorses James Perry for Mayor of New Orleans

The Night Tripper himself has entered the political fray with a first-ever endorsement for the mayor of New Orleans.  Born Mac Rebbenack, Dr. John recently moved back to the city after decades of living in New York.  He has been seen sitting in with bands all over town and his move seems to have inspired a newfound political passion.  Besides his long-standing commitment to saving the wetlands that protect New Orleans and his powerful statements, both musical and rhetorical, about the flooding the followed Katrina, the Good Doctor also supports re-opening Charity Hospital.

Speaking of Charity, given that the chances of the historic art deco building ever being a hospital again (even if John Georges, who is the only major candidate who supports re-opening the iconic building, wins his long shot race, the powers that be at LSU and the Veterans Administration have their greedy eyes set on a new site that will displace a large tract in Mid City), are nearly nil, here’s an idea for saving the building.  Ernie K-Doe loudly and proudly proclaimed all his life that he was a “Charity Hospital baby.”  The same can be said for thousands and thousands of New Orleans musicians (perhaps even including Dr. John).  Since the city’s cultural elite has bemoaned for decades the decision to tear down Louis Armstrong’s birthplace, why not turn Charity into a monument for all those thousands of musicians who were born there?

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