Oh, What A Day!


Mardi Gras dawned extremely cool, but the weather didn’t affect the turnout of the early rising revelers (photo credit- Kim Welsh).  The Society of St. Ann changed their route, bypassing the Mimi’s in the Marigny, but the corner was still crowded with costumed denizens of the surrounding neighborhoods.   By mid day the bright blue sky and warming sun allowed the temperature to rise just enough to unloosen scarves.  Zulu rolled on time and the masses exulted in the generosity of the krewe, which had just lost its king from 1997.  He will be buried on Thursday.

On N. Claiborne Avenue, the Mardi Gras Indians were out in force clearing the crowds under the bridge and along the side streets with their beautiful costumes and powerful music.  The younger gangs led the way, especially the Hard Head Hunters, who had crossed the canal from their stomping grounds in the lower 9th Ward.

Back in the Faubourg Marigny, Frenchmen Street was in full swing as the sun began to set the thermometer began to dip.  Brazilian revelers fired up a gigantic party with their matching shirts and loud samba rhythms.  Elsewhere on the three-block stretch, the Krewe of Kosmic Debris ended their daylong parade with one last blast of brass band strut.

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