Los Hombres Calientes’ Principals Bill Summers and Irvin Mayfield To Reunite


The cause of Haiti is bring back together two of the three founding members of the great Afro-Cuban jazz band, Los Hombres Calientes.  For reasons unknown to this writer, Bill Summers and Irvin Mayfield parted ways over four years ago as Mayfield concentrated on his new interests with the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra and his club, Irvin Mayfield’s Jazz Playhouse.  Mayfield also parted ways with his long time label, Basin Street Records.  They are reuniting the band this Tuesday night at the House of Blues to raise money for the earthquake-shattered island of Haiti.  The band recorded there among other places in Latin America during their seven years of existence.  Summers plays this evening with his new band, Jazsalsa at the Maple Leaf.

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