Helen Gillet Trio at Piety Street Recording

This evening, March 5, 2010 the cellist will present a concert and live recording of her new trio project featuring Tim Green on tenor saxophone and Conn-O-Sax and Doug Garrison on drums. The studio is located at Piety and Dauphine in the Bywater.  The start time is 9 PM and they are asking a mere $10 to be part of history. Not only will your presence contribute to the creation of the music, it will be a great help for the funding of this worthy project. Helen has created a wonderful video and project description on her Kickstarter page <http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/helengillet/running-of-the-bells-improvised-cello-led-recordi-0> Please take a look, and if possible, become of a patron of the arts (no donation too small!)

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