Los-Po-Boy-Citos to Open for Tower of Power

This evening, March 11, 2010, the local Latin groove favorites are scheduled to open for the legendary Tower of Power at the House of Blues.  Tower of Power has a resume that stretches back nearly 40 years.  They visit New Orleans every tour and never cease to put on a great show. Los-Po-Boy-Citos hasn’t been around even a decade, but they have improved considerably and are now regarded as one of the best dance bands in town.  A brief anecdote about Tower of Power for your enjoyment- back in the heyday of Benny’s Bar, the group played a show at Tipitina’s.  After the show was over the TOP horns showed up at Benny’s and sat in with whatever generic blues band was playing that evening.  They were having such a great time that the jam didn’t end until nearly 5 AM.

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