Good Enough For Good Times at the Maple Leaf

This evening, March 13, 2010, the side project of Galactic’s Jeff Raines and Robert Mercurio will be performing uptown.  The group also includes Simon Lott on drums and Joe Ashlar on keys.  Earphunk opens.  What I love about this band is their fearless approach to funk.  During a period when many of the musical cognoscenti suggest that funk has run its course in New Orleans along come two of the musicians who led the second wave of funk in the first place with a stripped down concept and hardcore musicianship.  If you are one of those folks who now have a been-there-heard-that attitude concerning New Orleans funk- check out this band.  Lott and Ashler add considerably to the proceedings with a fresh, young perspective and serious chops.  With this band, less is definitely more.

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