Honey Island Swamp Band on a Roll

All the new bands out there could take a cue from the Honey Island Swamp Band on how to take care of business. Their attention to the details of getting publicity has been paying off.  They won a Best of the Beat award for emerging artist and have been nominated for best “roots rock” band for the Big Easy awards.

In case you were wondering, Best of the Beat is a popularity contest with the winners chosen by readers of Offbeat magazine.  The Big Easy awards are sponsored by Gambit and the winners are chosen by a committee of music business professionals (full disclose-I sit on the Big Easy Committee).  So the band has both the people and the industry covered- commercial and critical success are two key ingredients needed to make it in the music biz.

They are playing tonight at One Eyed Jack’s.  It is the first in a series of “return home shows.”  The band was wildly received on a month long tour of the East Coast.  Their new album, “Good For You” is due to out in early April and will be available at their set at the French Quarter Festival.

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