Super Sunday!

Yesterday the Mardi Gras Indian Council and R.E.A.L. put on one of the better Super Sunday parades in recent history.  Dozens of tribes were out including at least two gangs from C.T.C. (cross the canal- as in the lower 9th Ward), including the Red Hawk Hunters, and one, the Mohawk Hunters, from the West Bank.  The Hard Head Hunters, a relatively new tribe had the most members in suits, although the Cheyenne and the Blackfoot Hunters represented strongly as well.

One of the most exciting aspects of the Mardi Gras Indians is how some tribes choose to repeat similar motiffs, such as the Wild Man from the Mohawk Hunters, shown above (photo credits- Dylan Stansbury), who always wears moss and a full face mask, and others choose to reflect current events in their beading- see the close up of the patch shown below referencing Barack Obama’s historic presidential campaign slogan.  Incidentally, other patches on this particular Indian’s suit actually had beaded images of the Commander in Chief.


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