French Quarter Fest- Saturday Picks

One of my favorite groups in town is the Hot Club of New Orleans (pictured).  These guys tear it up every other Friday evening at D.B.A.  Their French Quarter Festival gig is in a great spot- right in front of the Louisiana Supreme Court Building on Royal Street.  Catching them in an outdoor setting is just perfect.

Another group that is always wonderful to catch is the Latin/NOLA band, Otra!.  The bassist Sam Price, also known for his work with the Honey Island Swamp Band, leads the group.  The front line horns feature two of the hottest players in town, the saxophonist Brent Rose and the trumpeter, Leon “Kid Chocolate” Brown. Michael Skinkus plays percussion.

As my colleague Geraldine Wyckoff notes in her column in the Louisiana Weekly, there is more modern jazz being presented at the French Quarter Fest than ever.  For one of the brightest new faces on the scene, check out the alto saxophonist Kris Royal.  I caught a gig he played at the Blue Nile and his band positively burned.

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