French Quarter Fest- Sunday Picks

It’s nice to see one of our homegrown bands opening the day on the main stage in Jackson Square.  Clarinetist Ben Schenck leads the Panorama Jazz Band and he surrounds himself with some of the most versatile and talented musicians in New Orleans.  While this band mines traditional territory, not just New Orleans music, but music from around the globe, nearly everyone else in the band can and does play in a variety of styles.

The pianist Tom Worrell has an uncanny ability to channel the great Professor Longhair.  His talents have been legendary for decades now, so it’s nice to see him in a prime spot in the 300 block of Bourbon Street at 5 PM.  He will be presenting a tribute the Fess himself.  Worrell also plays in the Mardi Gras Indian funk band, 101 Runners.

Johnny Sketch and the Dirty Notes (pictured) are one of the hottest bands in town despite the fact that they are basically a genre-busting outfit.  With classical chops, they play rock.  But they’re also funky as hell and with a stop-on-dime horn section they can give R&B and soul bands a run for the money.  They close out the Harrah’s Louis Louis Pavilion.  The Radiators close out the main stage.

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