Jazz Fest Picks- Day Three- April 25, 2010

Larry Bannock is one of the most respected and opinionated of all of the Mardi Gras Indian Big Chiefs who dot the inner city landscape of New Orleans.  He is opening up the day with his tribe on the Jazz and Heritage stage.  Here’s an interesting tidbit that he is bound to expound on during his set.  He changed the name of his long time tribe the Golden Star Hunters to the Morning Star Hunters, though they are listed by their former moniker.  Rumors abounded on Indian Sunday that he kicked everyone out of the tribe.  We shall see.  Juan Luis Guerra (pictured) is possibly the biggest Latin star that has ever graced the stages of the Jazz Fest.  He is from the Dominican Republic and though he is not well known among most festers, he is huge and will likely draw thousands of fans that have never been to the fest before.  The Radiators did a show last year at Tipitina’s that featured all songs written before World War II.  The Commander, aka Jazz Fest’s producer/Director Quint Davis, was in the house and he booked the same show for the Blues Tent.  Even if you think you don’t like the Rads, this is going to be one of those sets that people will be talking about for years.

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