Jazz Fest Picks- Day Four- April 29, 2010

Steve Martin
What began as Slacker’s Day, named for all the locals who manage to get off of work, has blossomed over the last couple of years into one of the best of the seven days at the Fairgrounds.  Just considering the bands in the final slot are enough to cause major decision making angst.  If you are in the mood to rock first thing in the morning, check out R. Scully and Rough 7.  This band emerged from the dregs of the Morning 40 Federation and features Rob Cambre, a guitarist more likely to be heard in more avant-garde settings.  The Red Hawk Hunters are a Mardi Gras Indian tribe that came into its own in the first two years after Katrina.  Proudly hailing from C.T.C or “cross the canal” in the Lower Ninth Ward, they have some of the most vibrantly sewn suits out there.  Following them on the Jazz and Heritage stage is Dr. Claw, a super group of sorts with Eric Krasno from Soulive on guitar.  Steve Martin (pictured) likely won’t be telling any jokes when he performs with the Steep Canyon Rangers but he will play a mean banjo.  Make up your own minds concerning the last time slot.

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