Jazz Fest Picks- Day Five- April 30, 2010


Brother Tyrone is one of the most underrated blues and soul singers out there.  He hails from Baton Rouge and still works a day job despite having one of the most powerful voices I have ever heard.  An opening slot on the same stage as Aretha Franklin should go a long ways towards making his a household name.  The Fi Yi Yi Mardi Gras Indians scare children.  I’m serious.  If you have never seen this tribe on Mardi Gras or St. Joseph’s Night, don’t miss them.  But leave the kids in the Kids Tent (not unaccompanied- the fest frowns on that).  The Forgotten Souls Brass Band (pictured) only comes together when their leader, Henry Petras (the web master here), is on hand to lead the super group.  They will most likely play some originals to augment tunes from the brass band canon.  I spent my birthday last year in the company of the Mardi Gras Indian Orchestra.  If you’re one of those people, and I doubt you’re reading this if you are, who thinks Mardi Gras Indian music could use some musical ornamentation, check this group out.  Besides adding electric guitar and bass to the mix, they also have a violin and a cello!

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