Portuguese Guitar Innovator In Town for the Weekend

Luis Lopes is one of the pivotal figures in contemporary, improvised and hard-edged-jazz music in the blossoming Portuguese scene, and is one of the central recording artists on Lisbon-based Clean Feed Records.  Luis plays a nasty, gritty, rock-infested, tube-amp, twisted-toned guitar.  His style draws from the prog-punk-metal canon as well as the jazz world.  He will be performing with a mad cast of New Orleans’ most innovative musicians.  This evening, he is joined by Tim Green on sax and conn-o-sax and Helen Gillet on cello at Zeitgeist (1618 Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard) at 9:30 PM.  Tomorrow night he performs solo at McKeown’s Books and Difficult Music (4737 Tchoupitoulas at Bordeaux) at 8 PM. Sunday evening he performs at 8 PM at Fairgrinds Coffeehouse (3133 Ponce De Leon) with Justin Peake on laptop and micro-percussion and Rob Cambre on guitar and effects.  The final show of his residency will be Sunday at 10:30 PM at the AllWays Lounge (2240 St. Claude Avenue).  This show will feature James Singleton on bass, Satoru Ohashi on trumpet and Doug Garrison on drums.

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