Threadhead Collective to Open for Irma Thomas

Today’s Wednesdays at the Square lineup suggests some creativity on the part of the event’s talent bookers.  The opening act features three of the most acclaimed musicians who now record for the non-profit aggregation, Threadhead Records- Paul Sanchez, Alex McMurray, and Margie Perez.  What makes these three seemingly disparate artists click is a communal attitude and a focus on strong performance chops.  Joining them will be an uncommon rhythm section- John Gross on sousaphone and Washboard Chaz on, well, washboard.  Chaz has what it takes to fulfill the role of drummer and he has been doing so with aplomb in one of McMurray’s many groups, the Tin Men.  Irma Thomas (pictured), the Soul Queen of New Orleans, needs no introduction here.

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