Royal Street Stroll to Feature the Cork Poppas Brass Band

One of the best things about New Orleans is the fact that there is rarely an event in town that doesn’t feature a live band.  Tonight, Royal Street in the French Quarter will be closed to vehicles while the New Orleans Wine and Food Experience stages one of its signature events.  For a rather large fee, attendees walk the length of the street stopping at art galleries and shops, which offer wine and food for tasting.  However, you don’t have to pay the fee to enjoy the experience- just bring your own libations or pop into one of the bars along the route.  Look for the Krewe of Cork- a wine-based parading organization. Some of their members will be in costume and they will march up and down the street with the Cork Poppas Brass Band providing the musical accompaniment.  This is an A-list band led by trombonist Freddie Lonzo (pictured).  Leroy Jones will play trumpet and his Finnish wife Katja Toivola will also be on trombone.  The rhythm section has included Kerry Brown and Herlin Riley in the past.  It’s a great time and only in New Orleans!

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