610 Stompers Inaugural Ball Crawl

They are likely the most unlikely sensations in the history of a city filled with unlikely sensations.  The 610 Stompers are a men’s dance team.  Their motto is “ordinary men, extraordinary moves.” They burst on the scene earlier this year with a mixture of good-natured fun and serious focus while amazing onlookers with their disco shorts and signature headbands.  An appearance during the Buddy D parade led to another in the Muses parade and a sensation was born.  This afternoon you can join the Stompers at their inaugural Ball Crawl.  It begins at Squeal BBQ on Oak Street at 4 PM and the parade winds around the Riverbend neighborhood before returning to Oak Street at 8 PM for the ball at the Maple Leaf featuring Groovesect.  For more information and some funny videos check http://www.610stompers.com.

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