Meschiya Lake CD Release Party

There are so many bands in New Orleans that are mining the traditional sounds of jazz, blues and the various hybrids that emerged during the early part of the 20th century that it’s hard to keep them straight.  There’s the Cottonmouth Kings, Tuba Skinny, The New Orleans Jazz Vipers, St. Louis Slim and his various aggregations, the Loose Marbles, the New Orleans Moonshiners, and the Palmetto Bug Stompers.  Then there are the vocalists, like Ingrid Lucia, Miss Sophie Lee, and Linnzi Zaorski that all have bands backing them.  Many of these groups share the same musicians and their domain is Frenchmen Street.  At the head of this class, if only for the reason that she is having her CD Release Party tonight off of Frenchmen Street at One Eyed Jack’s, is Meschiya Lake.  Her band is called the Little Big Horns and they rock in an anachronistic way- they play music from before rock was invented.  But they still rock.

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