Uncle Lucius at the Maple Leaf

Uncle Hank does it again.  The Maple Leaf will  host Austin’s Uncle Lucius this evening in the latest attempt by the bar’s booking agent to broaden the musical horizons of the denizens of uptown. Uncle Lucius blends rock, country and soul influences into a hybrid that references a bit of hard rock, a bit of Motown and lots of electric guitar.  They have played at all of the major clubs in Austin and are in the midst of long tour that will take them across the South and all the way to New York City where they will play at Sullivan Hall.  In the middle of the tour is a stop at Fitzgerald’s outside of Chicago for that legendary clubs’s annual 4th of July Great American Music Festival.   Both of those venues are favorites for fans of New Orleans music and I consider the three bookings to be a vote of confidence for this talented ensemble.

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