Deacon John Plays Snug Harbor

Of all the players that matriculated through the trenches of the New Orleans music business in the late 1950s, “Deacon” John Moore is by far the most versatile musician.  The British Invasion of the 1960s, didn’t phase him though it reportedly decimated much of the R&B scene.  He just changed tacks and began playing his guitar with psychedelic effects and wearing paisley.  The same can be said for his people-pleasing approach in every era since although I haven’t heard a rapper in his band- yet.  Tonight Deacon John and the Ivories grace the stage at Snug Harbor- the modern jazz mecca on Frenchmen Street.  While much has been made elsewhere in the media about it being a rare occurrence- a jump blues showman on a jazz stage- Moore will undoubtedly take it in stride.  Just like he has done his entire career.

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