NPR Streams Neil Young’s Latest for Free

From now until October 5, listeners can get a sneak peak at Le Noise, the latest release from the iconic rocker.  The album is another in a series of new directions for Young. This time, he enlisted the producer Daniel Lanois to create a sonic palette for eight new songs from the 60s veteran.  Lanois created monster hits for everyone from U2 and Peter Gabriel and he helped the Neville Brothers reach an international audience with their record, Yellow Moon.

Lanois handed Young an electro/acoustic album and placed him on a stool to record solo.  The album is drenched in echo, reverb and other effects.  But Young’s heartfelt lyrics, which reflect on love, loss and war, and stunning vocal delivery, are never overshadowed by the production.  The centerpiece of the record, in my mind, is the deeply moving song, “Love and War,” which, telling, is barely augmented by the producer’s singular skills.  It’s Neil as his oldest fans remember him.  Elsewhere, new fans will marvel at the youthful exuberance o of the production.

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