Reedist Michael Moore to Play Hi Ho Lounge- July 2, 2009


The marvelous clarinetist and alto saxophonist Michael Moore is scheduled to appear with Helen Gillet (cello), Jonathan Freilich (guitar), Doug Garrison (drums) and Jesse Boyd (bass) on Thursday July 2, 2009 at the Hi Ho Lounge in New Orleans.  Moore, who is no relation to the filmmaker by the same name, is an American expatriate in Holland.  He is a masterful player at home improvising on pop songs, Bob Dylan is a favorite, as well as reaching into the avante garde stratosphere.

He is a major figure in the European jazz scene, but has never played in New Orleans before. In 1986, Moore won the VPRO/Boy Edgar Award, regarded as the most prestigious jazz award in the Netherlands. In 1991, he founded Ramboy records to document his music. The label had 22 releases as of August 2006.

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