Mid Week Creative Music Gigs with ige*timer

Tuesday- September 28, 2010- I love the fact that musicians that play outside the established idioms, i.e. jazz, rock, funk, love to visit New Orleans and collaborate with local creative types.  This week, two European musical stylists are in the city and are playing in their usual duo format as well as with some of our own talents. ige*timer features Simon Berz on percussion and electronica and Janek Klaus on bass and laptop. Berz is from Zurich and Klaus is from Bolzano-Milan.  They mix loops and multiple effects to create music that is beautiful, bizarre and totally out of the box.

Tuesday night, they perform upstairs at the Blue Nile at 10 PM with Rick Trolsen on trombone and Chris Alford on guitar.  Wednesday night, they are Zeitgeist at 8 PM with the reedist and accordion player Aurora Nealand and the drummer, trumpeter and keyboardist Simon Lott.  Thursday night they are joined by the keyboardist David Torkanowsky and the reedman Rex Gregory at the AllWays lounge at 10:30 PM.

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