Dr. John Plays Lafayette Square

Wednesday- October 6, 2010- I don’t know if there’s any polite competition between the talent buyers for the Young Leadership Council’s Wednesdays at the Square series, which occurs every spring, and the bookers behind Harvest the Music, but this afternoon certainly puts the fall series out in front.  Dr. John is an internationally known icon of New Orleans music and he’s playing for free.  He first burst into the national consciousness with his landmark album “Gris-Gris” in 1968.  That recording, which was produced by Harold Battiste, introduced the world to the Dr. John character and flipped out a bunch of hippie music lovers who were used to the peace and love of the San Francisco scene.  Before that Mac Rebennack was mostly a session man whose career stretches back to his teenage years in New Orleans.  He is playing in support of a great new album called, “Tribal.”  The Tremé Brass Band opens the show at 5 PM.  (Photo by Dylan Stansbury)

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