Jazz Fest Opens Craft Submissions

Artists interesting in participating in the 2011 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival are welcome to submit applications to the crafts department.  Prospective local and regional vendors are invited to view a webinar to guide them through their online application process. For more information, contact craftsadmin@nojazzfest.com.  There are three unique craft areas- the Congo Square African Marketplace, which features unique, handcrafted artwork that reflects cultural influences seen throughout the African Diaspora.  Presentations by artists and vendors resonate with the rich African-Caribbean cultural legacy in Congo Square.  Contemporary Crafts presents work by some of the most talented contemporary artists in Louisiana and the Nation.  It features original, handcrafted, one-of-a-kind designs and accepts applicants from all crafts media and disciplines.  The Louisiana Marketplace introduces Festival-goers to a variety of works by only Louisiana artisans and craftspeople.  The Marketplace showcases works that express various aspects of the state’s unique cultural heritage.

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