Burton Greene Solo at the Sound Café and Snug Harbor

Friday- October 22, 2010- Those of you with deep record collections will know Burton Greene as one of the founders of “Free Jazz” from way back in the day, when it was an aspiration, not a genre. In the mid-sixties, he was an integral part of the New York scene, where he performed and recorded with Marion Brown, Patty Waters, Alan Silva, Henry Grimes and other luminaries. By 1969, “the landlords got greedy” in New York, so he and some others split to Paris. Eventually he settled in Amsterdam, where he has been living on a houseboat–composing and performing across Europe and making rare returns to the United States. His music embraces jazz, world music, electronics, free improvisation, and composition.  The gig tonight is solo and it lasts for just one hour from 7-8 PM.  Sunday night he plays at Snug Harbor with Tim Green on tenor sax, Jonathan Freilich on guitar and James Singleton on bass.  Thanks to Benjamin Lyons of Valid Records for the above verbiage.

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