Voodoo Picks- Day Two

You could literally spend the entire day at the Preservation Hall stage and hear a wide range of New Orleans music.  But why not roam?  Check out Mia Borders at 1 PM on the main stage.  She writes compelling songs and has a great band.  Her act is greatly enhanced when the saxophonist Khris Royal joins her.  The Rebirth Brass Band has entered a new era since signing with Basin Street Records.  They are prepping to record a new album and have a batch of new songs.  Check them out at 3:30 PM on the Soco/WWOZ stage.  I have mostly been recommending New Orleans acts, but you can’t go wrong the Miami-based Latin groovers, Locos por Juana (pictured).  They tore the roof off of Chickie Wah Wah last night and are guaranteed to keep the crowd dancing until it’s time to head over to the Voodoo stage for Ozzy Osborne.  They hit at 7:30 PM on the Preservation Hall stage.

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