Preservation Hall Releases 78-RPM Record of Tom Waits

The venerable New Orleans institution has pushed some buttons lately with decisions that reek of progress.  Not necessarily a bad thing, unless you are a moldy fig.  Their latest release flies in the face of modernity confounding the naysayers.  78-rpm records are the holy grail for collectors.  This past Friday, the Hall released a limited number of the archaic format featuring the gritty-voiced, eclectic performer Tom Waits.  Since not a lot of people have record players that can even play a 78, they are also offering a deal where you get a 78 player. A custom-designed Preservation Hall 78 player will accompany the first 100 discs. The profits are being funneled into the Hall’s musical educational efforts, so for a donation of $200 you get the player and a copy of the record.  For $50 you get the record alone.

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