Hip Hop Artist Cage to Perform at the House of Blues Tonight


Cage penned one of the landmark records of the golden era of NYC underground/independent rap music in the late 90s on Fondle ’em records. The record was called “Agent Orange.” It propelled Cage into cult star status (check out chrispalko.com for his discography). His solo debut Movies for the Blind (Eastern Conference records) was the realization of the very character he became through his tortured early years. The record struck a chord and his legion of dedicated fans grew ever bigger, attracted to his visceral and dangerous persona and music. He traveled the world several times over in support of the record and became a major draw in the independent show circuit. In 2004 he signed with Definitive Jux records releasing his second solo album Hell’s Winter. The album features production from El-P,DJ Shadow and collaborations with Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys) and Daryl Palumbo (GlassJaw/Head Automatica). The record received critical acclaim and in 2006 the video for “Shoot Frank” was nominated for an MTVu Woodie award for best video. Cage is currently working with Shia Labeouf on a feature film based on the rapper’s life. The new album Depart From Me dropped July 7th and the Shia Labeouf-directed video for “I Never Knew You” is out now as well as the Free “I Never Knew You” EP.

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