Legendary Shack*Shakers Hit One Eyed Jack’s on Saturday (August 1, 2009)

Photo by Joshua Black Wilkins

Photo by Joshua Black Wilkins

Th’ Legendary Shack*Shakers southern gothic epic has its latest chapter. With “Swampblood,” released in 2007 on Yep Roc, the Colonel JD Wilkes takes the muddled influence of his new home in western Kentucky, pours it through the funnel of eerie south Louisiana bayou culture, and shakes it up ‘til it explodes with the thick swamp blues of Slim Harpo.

Though treading new ground, “Swampblood” holds true to the Shack*Shakers’ signature aesthetic, resting on the dark fringes of American culture more interested in the sinister nuances behind a frequently Rockwellian façade. Musically, straight swamp blues swirls with rockabilly, minor key polkas, and industrial rock all draped over Bo Diddly’s primal thumping heartbeat.

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