New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival Accepting 2010 Band Submissions

The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival is looking for bands to perform at next spring’s festival.  The organizers will accept press kit submissions from bands through Oct. 1.

The festival, which seeks to preserve, promote, perpetuate and encourage the culture of New Orleans and Louisiana, presents more than 500 performances during the seven day event. Approximately 90 percent of the bands chosen to perform are Louisiana-based attractions. Competition for the remaining slots is highly competitive.

Those wishing to perform should submit a press kit, which includes a recording, biography, photo, press clippings, contact information and a current e-mail address. All bands that are chosen for the 2010 Jazz Fest will be contacted after the October 1st deadline. Once all bands are selected and booked, the festival will send email notification to all groups that were not selected for 2010.

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