Rebirth and Hot 8 To Lead Second Line for Charity Hospital


This evening, (August 31, 2009) at 6 PM sharp, a second line parade will leave from the front of the still-shuttered Charity Hospital on Tulane Avenue.  The cause is a good one- reopen Charity and scrub the ridiculous plan to raze a historic neighborhood and build a new hospital.  The powers-that-be never seem to learn until its too late- but this time the people will speak, through a parade-  about the significance of architecture.  Consider- Louis Armstrong’s childhood home-razed.  Storyville- razed.  Dozens of blocks of Treme- razed to build a park- Louis Armstrong- that has a locked fence around it.  Where else in America is there a public park with a locked fence around it?  Treme- bisected and decimated to build the I-10.    Just remember- they almost built I-10 on the French Quarter Riverfront.

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