Portland, Oregon-based Rock Band Locke n Load at Checkpoint Charlie


Tonight, September 15, 2009, Portland, Oregon-by-way-of-Los Angeles-based rock outfit, Locke n Load – J.T. Locke (vocals, guitar), Johnny Locke (drums/vocals), Jorge Herrera (guitar/vocals), and Samantha Wilder (bass/vocals) – will perform in New Orleans and will debut songs from their forthcoming sophomore full-length, “Not In It For the Conversation” (Gunite Records), the follow-up to 2007’s “Celebrity Killing Spree” (Gunite Records).

Fusing a punk mentality with shards of metal and hyperactiveness, Locke N Load deliver a crunchy, melodic, and ultimately fierce take on rock. It’s not metal. It’s not punk. And, it’s certaintly not pop music. And, though it retains elements of all these genres, Locke n Load simply like to be referred to as a rock band.

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