Reggae Legend Eek-A-Mouse at the Maple Leaf Tonight


Among all the great reggae stars to grace the planet, none are quite as off the wall as Eek- Mouse. Technically a dance hall DJ, the Mouse is famed for inventing his own vocal style, which he calls, “sing-jay.” Born Ripton Hilton in 1957, his nickname comes from the name of a losing horse that the young Jamaican kept betting on despite the fact that the beast lost nearly every time. The one time the horse won, the aspiring DJ failed to place a bet.

He first reached mainstream success in Jamaica at the Reggae Sunsplash in 1981. The event and the nation were still in mourning following the death of reggae’s first icon, Bob Marley. The Mouse livened up the evening with a call and response vocal, “Biddy Biddy Beng.” That phrase was seared into the minds of Jamaicans for the following decade.

1982 was literally the year of the Mouse. He had a slew of hits including “Wild Like a Tiger,” “For Hire and Removal,” “Do You Remember,” and “Ganja Smuggling,” Most of those cuts appeared on his second album, Wa Do Dem.

Though he continues to record (his latest album, Most Wanted, was released in 2008 on Greensleeves Records), he is best know for his over the top live performances, which have included him dressed in a mouse costume, delivering his oft kilter vocal lines with deft irony, and swaying his 6 foot, 8 inch frame inches in front of his audience.

The show is being presented by Swizzle Stick Productions. The cover is $15 and the doors open at 9 PM.

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