Calling all Clowns! Rebels!, Rabble Rousers! and Malcontents! Burlesquers!, Maskers! and Celebrants of La Dolce Vita!


This Saturday, October 24, 20009 we will convene a Second Line led by the illustrious Maestro Clint Maedgen, featuring members of the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. The Second Line is being staged as part of the local underground feature film “Flood Streets” celebrating the defiantly life-affirming culture of New Orleans in general and the Bywater in particular.

“Flood Streets” tells the story of a diverse bunch of artists and misfits seeking love, money, creative fulfillment, electricity, gas and marijuana in the Fall of 2006. The movie stars Becky Stark (singer with The Decemberists, Lavender Diamond) and features Harry Shearer of “The Simpsons” and Spinal Tap (and many other Christopher Guest films).

The procession starts with a crew of noise-making clowns, led by our muse Dischordia (local musician/artist Alma Maleckar) and members of Noisician Coaltion. We need as many clowns as we can muster! Acrobats, jugglers, baton twirlers, hula-hoopers and circus performers, come and take part!

The clown procession assembles at 8:30am sharp on the 800 block of Mazant, and rolls at 9am! C’mon, folks, stir your sleepy heads– think of it as St Anne’s on Mardi Gras Day!

Following behind the clowns will be krewes of zombies and skeletons, which shall assemble at the same time and place.

We are also assembling a cross-dressing burlesque krewe, “Travesty of Justice,” Drag Kings and Queens unite to lampoon social injustice! Cross-dress as parodies of cops, judges, and lawyers!

Any and all maskers are invited to join us for this early part of the procession. We want to feature you in the movie, and getting there early will give us more time to get you front & center! The camera loves you!

All other participants are invited to assemble at 10:30 am for the main event: the second line with Maestro Clint & musicians from Preservation Hall. The clowns, zombies, etc will still lead the main parade– we just need them early to make sure our cameras get as much footage as possible, because this time through, we’ll be mostly focusing on getting Clint & the musicians, but still getting lots of great footage of everyone. This will be the really fun part!

The theme song of the Second Line is “Just a Little While to Stay Here.” There will be singing breaks in the music led by Maestro Clint. All are invited to sing in unison. The Chorus is as follows:

Just a little while to stay here

Just a little while to wait

Just a little while to labor

In the path that’s always straight

Just a little more of troubles

In this low and sinful state

Then we’ll enter heaven’s portals

Sweeping through those pearly gates

In a general spirit of defiance to conventional wisdom, we are providing the proverbial FREE LUNCH (gumbo or jambalaya, we’re not sure which) at an undisclosed time and location for the celebrants. There have also been rumors of a costume contest with PRIZES.

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