Unusual World Music Band at Snug Harbor Tonight- Brent Rose to Follow at Midnight for Free


Fra Fra Sound is a unique Suriname-Caribbean band based in Amsterdam that mixes together African, Caribbean and Latin American music, soul, blues, World Music and fun into its open-minded brand of jazz, along with concerns about current events and the environment. The band is especially popular in Europe but has been heard throughout the world. The band is a septet led by its founder bassist Vincent Henar who says, “Fra Fra Sound originally came out of community arts music activities in the late 1970s from an Amsterdam neighborhood where a large population of immigrants from Suriname would congregate.” The original group from 1980 mixed together jazz, African rhythms, Caribbean dance music and Surinamese kaseko. Today we sound only like ourselves. The guys in FFS are better educated, we have some

very skilled composers and arrangers in the group, and some of the musicians have become specialists and connoisseurs in African-rooted arts. In three decades, FFS has developed into a group sort of like Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers in that we have given a lot of musicians the spotlight while keeping a recognizable sound and a clear artistic approach.”

Saxophonist Brent Rose follows with his new Brazilian-inspired project.  The midnight show is free.

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