Great Jazz for Free at Bacchanal Tonight


This evening, October 26, 2009, the guitarist Jonathan Freilich will lead and all star band featuring Rob Wagner on reeds, James Singleton on bass and Dave Cappello on drums. The show begins at 8 PM and there is no cover charge- just fine wines and cheeses. Here’s the blurb from Valid Records about the show.

In most places, such an assemblage of unique and creative musical voices would be presented in some petrified art center or over-priced Jazz Club, but in New Orleans you can only find them in such places as an unlikely wine garden in the far corner of the Upper Ninth Ward. And that is why we like here (right?)–because art is is woven in the social fabric and not entombed in temples of “Kulture” or commerce–or at least it can still be, on the right occasion.

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