Brazilian Music at Tulane

headerywBrazil is a huge country with a massively diverse musical culture.  I have been digging into it for years, and have barely scratched the surface.  After a trip to Bahia last year, I suspected that I would never figure it all out. Every so often a new band appears that helps to put the country’s musical bounty in a new perspective.  Pernambuco is a state in northeastern Brazil.  Its biggest city is Recife and its biggest musical export is forro- I style that is similar in instrumentation and temperment to the zydeco of Louisiana.  Tonight another band from Pernambuco, Orquestra Contemporânea de Olinda is playing at Dixon Hall on Tulane University’s campus.  The show is at 7:30 PM and it’s free.  I have heard some of the band’s music and I concur with a writer in the New York Times last week who wrote that the band has a lot in common with the brass bands of New Orleans, specifically The Dirty Dozen.

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