Jazz Fest Picks- Day Seven- May 2, 2010

Ah, the final day!  Are you burned out?  Or are you ready for more?  Get started early with Mia Borders (pictured- photo by Kim Welsh).  This young lady plays some guitar and sings her ass off on songs that you will be humming long after the Fairgrounds closes for another year.  Ruthie Foster, another woman with a great voice, follows her.  Why not just stay at the Gentilly stage all afternoon?  You can’t go wrong with Troy “Trombone Shorty” Andrews and Orleans Avenue, the Dead Weather and the Radiators.  But if you choose to roam and are in the mood for some choice Caribbean sounds, check out Chouval Bwa of Martinique- they brought their own hand-driven carousel.  Richie Havens is a veteran of Woodstock (the first one in 1969) and has played countless numbers of festival sets.  He also lives in New Orleans now.  Check him out on the relatively tiny Fais Do Do stage, if the crowds are too much at the end of your day.  Happy Fest!  Remember- you can’t judge a Jazz Fest by what you heard, you can only judge it by what you had to miss!

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